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  I want to be healed.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))
  I want to be a Christian.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))

A man who caused a cool breeze
The island country of Taiwan has a temperature around 35 ℃ during the summer season with its humid and scorching hot weather. Whenever travelers visit Taiwan in summer for the first time, ignoring the weather and walking around the streets, they will feel like they were perspiring after a hot shower in a bathroom.
On September 15 when Dr. Cho arrived at the Taipei airport, the hot weather immediately began to get pleasantly cooler.
Was it a coincidence? The weather that became cooler since his arrival overwhelmed the people with a surge of autumn fragrance.
A Korean resident in Taiwan expressed his excitement, “As Dr. Cho’s crusade began, even the weather helped! For those who don’t normally like to go out, it seemed easy for them to go outside in this cooler weather!”

Two Presidents?
On September 15, something funny happened at a hotel. In relation to an International computer event, the President of Taiwan was expected to visit the hotel. All parties concerned at the hotel were busy preparing to greet the President of Taiwan. The security guards dressed in black suits were standing around the hotel with earphones, ready to do their duties instantly.
Compared with other times, there were a lot more security guards who were on duty around the hotel. There was an atmosphere of tension just like after the second warning after the 9.11 terrorist attacks. After awhile, President Chen Shui-beun came into the hotel. The hotel clerks and the security guards quickly escorted the President and his entourage to the elevator. Soon another security guard team started to move about busily. The clerks of the hotel were stunned and wondered, “Is the President who had just entered the elevator coming back again? Did we greet some other person as the President?” It was Dr. Cho arriving at the hotel from the airport to stay during the crusade, arriving just ten minutes after the President appeared at the hotel!”
Two days later, Dr. Cho and the President met at the Office of the Generalissimo and had a pleasant conversation with each other, hoping that their countries’ economic cooperation would be accomplished well based on Christian faith.

Two people who were separated from their wheelchairs
As the word spread about the crusade, the second day, more people gathered in the stadium on the second day. Several hours before the crusade began, people came to the crusade venue and even occupied the aisles of the second floor balcony.
Dr. Cho had a special prayer time with the pastors after his sermon. After Dr. Cho prayed for the pastors, he laid hands on the sick people in wheelchairs and prayed for their healing.
After the crusade was over, Dr. Cho left the venue and was on his way to the hotel. Suddenly, a cellular phone was ringing. This was the story. After a few people had received Dr. Cho’s prayer, they stayed at the venue and kept praying for healing. In the middle of their prayer time, two sick people were healed from their wheelchairs. The excited voice on the cellular phone was calling to praise the Lord! The stadium was not a playground but rather a melting pot of the Holy Spirit at that moment. It was a place of miracles. It was a time for people to be changed and to say an eternal good-bye to their wheelchairs!

A Red Carpet
During the crusade held on September 17 and 18, there was an unfamiliar scene to the Taiwanese in the Taiwan University Indoor Stadium, the crusade venue. The red carpet was rolled out, and there was a line blocking people from walking in the red carpet area. The Taiwanese do not put down a red carpet except for a very important person to show their special official welcome and respect.
An attendee of the crusade said, “I know that there are a lot of religious assemblies in Taiwan. But this is the first time that the red carpet was rolled out for Christian meetings.”
One of the crusade planning committee members said, “Even though Taiwanese have the knowledge that a red carpet is a symbol of respect for a highly esteemed person, when they rolled out the red carpet, it was meant to show the Church of Taiwan their respect for Dr. Cho, and to praise God for His powerful work through Dr. Cho.

A Word of Prophesy - Never Give Up
There were so many difficulties to overcome while planning for the crusade. The sudden emergence of SARS nearly caused the meetings to be cancelled. However, the crusade planning committee could never give up because of the urgent sense in their hearts that this was the season of revival for the Church of Taiwan. So they prayed and prayed. A few months later, advertising posters for the crusade were delivered to every church in Taiwan. In this way, the crusade theme “Never Give Up!” was accomplished.
As the meetings progressed, God gave this message of love to the Church of Taiwan, “Never give up even in difficult times and trust in Me. Do not forget that I am with you always.”
“Never Give Up” means that the love of God will never gives up on Taiwan and the church must never give up their passion for God.

A Buddhist nun attended
On the first day of the crusade in a seat near the platform, there was a person who was dressed in unique clothing. A Buddhist nun dressed in gray with shaven head was shyly sitting in her seat a bit nervously. When a television camera closed in on her face, her face was getting red.
Since her childhood, without her consent, Rai Genwi had grown up in a Buddhist temple. Two weeks ago, something great happened to her. Through the kind guidance of her friend who had prayed for her, for the first time she was brought to Sindian Sinttao Church whose senior pastor is Rev. Mao Song Chang, the president of Dr. Cho’s crusade planning committee. During Dr. Cho’s preaching at the evening crusade, “Amen” was flowing through her lips in a timid voice. At last, it was time to make a decision to convert to Christ. She heard the invitation, “Anyone who wants to accept Jesus as your Savior come forward. At this time, everyone who wants to have faith in Jesus, come to the front of the platform.” She stood up with her friend’s encouragement. While she was walking to the front of the platform, one or two people began clapping their hands. When she reached the front of the platform, the stadium was shaking with a thunderous round of applause like a sudden heavy shower. The friend who grasped her by the hand continually shed tears and gave thanks to the Lord. A new life had begun to blossom in Christ!

Daily Bible
For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans  6:23


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