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  I want to be healed.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))
  I want to be a Christian.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))

Yokohama, the city in Japan where many Koreans lives. In fact, Yokohama is one of the cities where foreigners as well as Koreans get together the most. It is probably natural since the city is a port city that was opened after the Meiji Restoration. The Gaikan church (coast church) located in downtown Yokohama is a protestant church over 100 years old and one of the famous places for Christians visiting the city. The church, despite its long history, looks shabby, describing Christianity in Japan. It seems to show that it is hard for Christianity to control the spiritual culture in Japan although the country is well developed economically.

God Has Not Given Up
Nevertheless, God has not given up. We hear from time to time that the used-to-be-stagnant Christianity in Japan is gradually recovering. The recovery is centered in the group of churches who emphasize the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Yokohama Yamoto Calvary Church is one of them. Engaged in the ministry of the Holy Spirit, the church membership reaches about 1,500. Given that Christians, including Catholics, account for 0.6% of the total population, a membership of 1,500 is considerably large. Church leaders in Yokohama say that protestant churches are leading the recovery of Christianity not only in Yokohama, but also in the whole country and that the vitality is being recovered centering around the churches that value the ministry of the Holy Spirit. They say that the fact that the 18th Church Growth International Conference was held in Yokohama, which Dr. Cho was invited as the main speaker, shows the current trend. They also say that it is very unusual to have the Church Growth International Conference in Japan, given the fact that the Conference has been held in Korea every year and that it would be a turning point for new challenge and renewal for Japan. Dr. Cho said that the survival of Japan's churches would need more fervent prayers and stressed the importance of the 'Prayer Campaign for Mission 10 million Japanese,' because only powerful prayer can satisfy the spiritual thirst.

This Is My Testimony
A new day came, the second day of the Conference. The sound of prayer is strong enough to lift the roof off the Yokohama International Convention Center. The participants cried and laughed, praying all day and listened to Pastor Cho's sermon. Dr. Cho said that there were two types of prayer, fellowship prayer and task prayer. Task prayers we pray simply and continuously with clear purpose. When he said that the Bible has all truth and we should find the way of life in the Bible, people prayed with a Bible in their hands, "This is my life. This is my confession. This is my prayer..." The 18th Church Growth International Conference that warmed the Yokohama International Convention Center did not warm the building that time only. Japanese churches determined to seek revival through the Holy Spirit, prayer campaigns, and the activation of home cell worship that brought about the growth of Yoido Full Gospel Church. We hear that centering around the big churches, home cell worship and all-night worship are increasing in Japan.

Daily Bible
who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.

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