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  I want to be healed.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))
  I want to be a Christian.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))

Is seeing believing?

It is no surprise to discover that wherever we find people, we also find merchants. Such was the case when a large crowd of tradesmen was swarming at the SSPMS (Shri Shivaji Preparatory Military School) grounds where the crusade was held. Some people sold food while others sold miscellaneous items and books. Most of the merchants were selling religious items. However, most of the religious items were different kinds of sacred pictures depicting Jesus. Some merchants sat on the road selling various colored sacred pictures that they had hung on boards, while others built booths where they displayed their pictures. In response to being told, "As Christians, we don't have any need of that," they replied, "Seeing is believing."

You cannot sit on the chair like you are

This was the amazing scene we saw when the crusade began. Looking at the crusade grounds, we could see a fence made from bamboo as the boundary line around the area. On one side the people sat on chairs, while on the other side they sat on something like a rug spread on the ground. For 10 rupees, (150 Korean won or US 20 cents), one could rent a chair. However, some people could not use a chair even if they had the money. In Indian society, because the caste system controls and maintains the basic societal order, lower class people never can sit on a chair because it is for "the seat of the master."
Unless Hinduism and the caste system which rules the minds of Indians is completely broken down through the love of Jesus Christ, people who belong to the lowest class may never sit on "the seat of the master."

People who dream are considered sinful

The lowest class of people is not considered as part of the caste system in India. Called dalits (downtrodden), this group is not even given the opportunity to become educated nor are they able to have a normal job. They just traditionally do the most undesirable jobs, such as cleaning toilets or disposing of garbage. Many of these people live from hand-to-mouth, begging for what they need daily. For them there is no such thing as planning for tomorrow. They are not allowed to have dreams for their future. The people ruling Indian society count them as being very insignificant. They consider them no more precious than dogs, goats, or cows. The people who are born on the streets end up wandering around and dying on the streets. They acknowledge themselves to be insignificant, never desiring or dreaming about the possibility of a better life. However, they smile even while they are begging, because even to face their harsh realities and dream is considered sinful.


There was a fence made from bamboo in the center of the SSPMS (Shri Shivaji Preparatory Military School) grounds. People were standing around the square- shaped fence in order to prevent anyone from attempting to hurdle over the fence. The people who came late to the crusade sat behind the grounds, escaping the fence. When asked, "Who are these seats for?" wondering if maybe they were specially prepared for higher-level people, someone responded with a smile, "This place? This is the place to play cricket." Cricket is a ball game originating in England and is similar to baseball. There are two teams, 11 players on each, and it sometimes takes two to three days to finish playing a drawn out game.

Ironclad offering boxes

Before Dr. Cho preached, a lot of people gathered on the crusade grounds. Fervent prayer and praise made the people feel extra warm in the scorching heat. Many people helped with the offering. In South Korea, people generally use red offering bags or red baskets. However, the offering bags in India were different from ours. Red ironclad boxes were used for collecting the offering. Each box was locked with a big padlock.

The people did not want to leave the crusade grounds
After the crusade was finished, many people stayed to enjoy the grace of God received during the meeting. Some prayed together in twos and threes while others praised God at the top of their lungs with the worship leaders on the stage. Some people gathered where one man was healed, and they listened to his testimony. Some prayed for others with the laying on of hands. Even though a long time had passed after the crusade had finished, the fervor at the SSPMS (Shri Shivaji Preparatory Military School) grounds did not easily cease. Rather, the vision they had gained through Dr. Cho's preaching spread throughout the evening sky in India.

The crusade venue was abruptly changed
There were many difficulties before the opening of the crusade. Just a few days before it began, the SSPMS college gave an abrupt notice. They said that they had to use the grounds to hold an exhibition, so they could not let us use their grounds for the crusade. It all happened so suddenly. All we could do was pray and continually appeal to the authorities of the college. Finally, they answered, "We will lend you the main grounds." They had decided to postpone their exhibition. The host organizers gave thanks to God because now they had crusade grounds even more suitable and better prepared than the original grounds that had been reserved!

Daily Bible
For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans  6:23


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