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Pastor Cho's Sermon Outline - Yoido Full Gospel Church - Seoul, Korea
He Rebuked the Wind and the Raging Waters
Luke 8:24 ~ 8:25


The wind blows and the waves come endlessly in our life. In material and spiritual circumstances, fierce winds blow and threaten our life. Then, what do we need to do in order to calm the wind and the waves and to live a peaceful life? Jesus is the only one who calms the waves of our life. Therefore, we can enjoy peace when we look to Jesus.

1. Jesus who controls a gale
1) When Jesus and His disciples were crossing the Sea of Galilee, a squall suddenly came up that the boat was on the brink of sinking. At that time, Jesus was sleeping peacefully in the corner of the boat.
2) The disciples had no knowledge about Jesus. They didn't know who Jesus was. Because they relied on man's wisdom and power, they became slaves of fear.
3) The disciples didn't even know who they were. Those who are in Jesus are living in the fourth dimensional world that they are able to control the third dimensional world. Because the disciples didn't know about this fact, they only looked at their circumstance and didn't know what to do when they were facing a crisis.

2. The confrontation of David and Goliath
1) Goliath believed in his strength and the weapons of the third dimension called a sword and a spear. He was in the fight with confidence. He didn't know that the third dimension is controlled by the fourth dimension.
2) David knew that the victory of the battle is not in sword and spear. He didn't move forward with the weapons of the third dimension. He believed in Almighty God and moved forward in the name of God.

3. March with faith
1) Fierce winds blow and waves come in life. When this happens, don't look at your circumstance, but look to the cross of Jesus and the throne of God who governs this land.
2) Our weapons are thoughts, dreams, faith and spoken words. Always think of a victorious life, dream of it, believe in it and make declarations with spoken words. Then, the Holy Spirit will calm the storms of life.
3) Whether it is an individual or a family or a country, we must pray when encountered with a crisis. When God's children pray together with one heart, the Holy Spirit of the fourth dimension will work for the good.

Even when the winds blow and the waves come in our life, we shouldn't be in fear. If we know who Jesus is and who we are, we can enjoy peace in the midst of storms. Those who believe in God are able to control the waves of life through thoughts, dreams, faith and spoken words.

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