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Pastor Cho's Sermon Outline - Yoido Full Gospel Church - Seoul, Korea
Know yourself and live with the truth
John 3:1 ~ 3:15


As humans were created in God's likeness, we are exceedingly noble and honorable. Though we were wrecked as we were tempted by the Devil, sinned against God, and despicably degraded, we are so grateful and the old glory is being restored thanks to Jesus' grace of redemption.

1. Mystery of human creation
1) Since we were created as spiritual beings, we will not experience death but live together with God.
2) Following the will of God, we are to conquer, rule over, and govern all the living creation and the environment.
3) To this end, the third and fourth dimensions coexist in a human being who governs the spiritual and material worlds.

2. What is the fourth dimension?
1) The world can be defined geometrically, the first, the second, and the third dimensions.
2) God who created the third dimension is in the fourth dimension. However, the fourth dimension is incomprehensible by the third dimension.
3) Jesus told Nicodemus about the fourth dimension (John 3:1-15)

3. The connecting link of the fourth dimension controlling the third dimension
1) Thoughts
2) Dreams, fantasies
3) Faith
4) Words
- Now that we know who we are, live by that knowledge, we shall not get tangle in the sins of the Devil, enjoy freedom and liberty from the power and authority of the Devil, and live in the cosmic order of the fourth dimension.

"Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day" (2 Co. 4:16)
"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come the old has gone, the new is here!"
(2 Co. 5:17)
These expressions, inwardly, the new creation, and the new refer to the spiritual person in the fourth dimension.

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