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Pastor Cho's Sermon Outline - Yoido Full Gospel Church - Seoul, Korea
A new creation
Romans 5:12 ~ 5:18


It didn't seem strange for people to stride down the street wearing clothes made of rugs during the Japanese colonial era or when people became refugees of the Korean war. It looked only natural that everyone was patching up their clothes with rugs for numerous times. But people of today would find it quite embarrassed to present themselves to others wearing such clothes made of rugs. Romans Chapter 12 verse 2 says, " Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

1. Do not conform to the pattern of this world
1) Do not be morally tattered
2) Tragedies like the Sewol ferry disaster occur when material advancement is not supported morally.
3) Patching up rugs here and there will not be enough to make a new clothe.
4) We ought to have the old gone and the new come through Jesus Christ.

2. The old has gone
1) Jesus clothed with rugs
- The life of descendants of Adam itself is clothed with rugs of greed
2) Jesus who wore the rugged cloth in our stead
① The rugs of sins ② The rugs of inequities ③ The rugs of diseases ④ The rugs of curse ⑤ The rugs of death and Hades

3. The new has come
- Listen to the good news of gospel, repent to take off the rugs, and take the new clothe Jesus gives
1) The clothe of five-fold gospel
2) The clothe of three-fold blessings
3) The clothe of freedom and liberation

4. Take on new clothes, looking at the Cross
1) Renew your thoughts
2) Renew your dreams
3) Renew your faith
4) Renew your confession of faith : confession of your mouth makes it happen

We shall not be clothed with rugs again with the grace of Jesus * (Gal. 5:1)

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