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Pastor Cho's Sermon Outline - Yoido Full Gospel Church - Seoul, Korea
I will not leave you
Psalms 91:1 ~ 91:16


We ought not to forget that God is with us even when our enemy is growling at us with a toothy grim. Instead of trying to get rid of fear, ensure that we are with God who is mightier than the problem or our enemy so that worries disappear and peace and joy come to us.

1. David and Goliath, a confrontation between a fourth dimension and a third dimension
1) Goliath was a perfect example of a third dimensional human - Israelites were frightened by him while he gained high morale.
2) What do you look up to? - The law of seeing
① Though David was a teenage boy, he looked up to God who presides over the Universe transcending Goliath.
② Instead of empty net and empty boat, Apostle Peter looked at the words coming from the lip of Jesus.
3) Instead of looking to Jesus who walked on the water, Apostle Peter looked at harsh wind and waves.

2. A fourth dimensional life and a third dimensional life
: Living as a fourth dimensional spirit versus living as a third dimensional material
1) Picture your thoughts
2) And dreams in your heart
3) Believe in miracles
4) Confession of lips
- Living in spirit is to live with thoughts, dreams, faith, and confession of words.
- Overcome the third dimensional materialistic being while relying on the Holy Spirit and living as a spirit.

3. Meditate on the word of truth
1) Read and meditate the words of God, the food for soul, daily.

How blessed it is to be freed from anxiety and fear and live in peace and faith!
We can live like this if we are in the arms of Father God, who meet with us in Jesus.

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