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Pastor Cho's Sermon Outline - Yoido Full Gospel Church - Seoul, Korea
Law and Grace
Luke 15:11 ~ 15:32


We see ourselves with enormous tolerance, generosity, and grace. However, for our neighbors, we condemn them with harsh criticism and judge them against the law. Let us listen to Jesus' words on that.

1. The second son who was abstracted to the world

1) The second son forcing his father as being tempted by the Devil

2) A man without a dream becomes arrogant as he has no purpose of life.

2. The result of self-indulgence and prodigal life

1) Famine was approaching

2) He got the lowest job - feeding pigs

3) Extreme poverty, scorn, and contempt enlightened him.

3. The repentance of the prodigal son

1) New point of view toward the father - his servants who never run out of food

3) The prodigal son returned

4. The love of father

1) Loving and benevolent father

2) The grace of father: ① New clothing ② a ring ③ a pair of shoes ④ a festival

5. The older brother and the law

1) The older son's outrage against his father's generosity

2) Father's persuasion

3) Viewpoint toward oneself and neighbors

6. Treat people with love and grace

1) The love of God

2) The grace of Jesus

We apply double standards to gauge the world showing generosity and love to ourselves, but giving criticism and condemnation to others. However, our Father and His son Jesus came to us carrying the Cross of Calvary. Without love, a religion loses its meaning of existence.

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