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Pastor Cho's Sermon Outline - Yoido Full Gospel Church - Seoul, Korea
Did you receive Immunization or not?
2 Corinthians 11:22 ~ 12:10


In the 1940 when I was going an elementary school, smallpox was running rampant and many children were suffering from it, which led them either to death or getting pockmarked. At that time, we called smallpox as a visitor. If a classmate was absent, we used to say that he had a visitor. By the time the classmate was back, his face was usually pitted with pockmarks. As people started to get variolation vaccination, however, we had surprisingly the fewer number of friends who got visitors and suffered from pockmarks.

1. Do not interpret the will of God from a human perspective
1) God is absolutely good.
① He calls us; and
② He gave His son as an atoning sacrifice; and
③ He gives us holistic salvation.
2) As we are with the good God, we can have heartful hopes and dreams for tomorrow.
3) God wants all of us to be strong and able children of God. Therefore, He wants us to overcome a world of suffering instead of living in a world free of suffering.

2. Why do we have sufferings in spite of believing in Jesus?
1) After getting vaccinated, we can live on overcoming diseases where they are rampant.
God wants us to overcome a world that suppresses us with suffering and curses.
2) Through Jesus, God makes us overcome all kinds of suffering and pain brought up by the Devil instead of not having us subject to them at all.
3) Jesus gave Himself up for us with the power of victory.
- Fivefold gospel and three-fold blessings

3. There is greater grace when there is so much suffering
1) Apostle Paul's confession - a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan (2 Co 12:1-10)
2) If we want to keep away from suffering, we also keep away from growing our faith.

God wants all of us to overcome suffering and become a victor so that we can enjoy the grace of God fully. A blessing without a suffering could be disastrous.

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