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Pastor Cho's Sermon Outline - Yoido Full Gospel Church - Seoul, Korea
Am I a Dreamer, too?
Genesis 37:5 ~ 37:20


A dream refers to the hopes and wishes for tomorrow that we carry in our hearts. In faith, and also in life, people who were successful were without exception all people who dreamed. At the age of 75, Abraham received God's calling in Ur of the Chaldeans and carried the dream that God had given him. The only thing he possessed was his dream. However, when he carried that dream in his heart and prayed, God answered his prayer and made him into the father of faith.

1. A dream is not a reality
Dreams provide a goal in life. If we do not have a dream, we do not have a goal to live by and we become fatalistic-minded and it becomes easy for us to fall into despair when the difficulties of life come our way. (Philippians 2:13)

2. A dream is a wish in mind
A dream can be said to be a wish drawn on the canvas of our heart. A person who has a wish will always look to his dream and give a prayer of thanksgiving. (Philippians 4:6)

3. Pray with a dream
After looking at the stars which were compared to his descendants, Abraham had an even more certain dream, and when he carried the dream in his heart and prayed he received God's answer.(Genesis 15:4-5)

4. A dream makes the impossible possible
1) 10 out of the 12 who spied the land of Canaan had a humanistic perspective so that they only looked at the impossibilities of their circumstances, and consequently they lost their dreams.
(Numbers 13:31-33)
2) However, Joshua and Caleb who had God's viewpoint, and they gathered information and looked at the environment with an attitude that said, "I can do it." (Numbers 14:6-9)

5. A dream brings a miracle
1) When Jesus asked, "where can we buy bread for all these people?" Philip answered that they were short 200 denarius worth of bread. This is because he was not thinking of Jesus who brings about miracles and change. (John 6:5-7)
2) Andrew, although just a little, thought of Jesus who performs miracles. He carried the belief that if Jesus is here, there is a way, and that is what brought about the miracle of the fives and two fish.(John 6:8-9)

In order to fulfill our dreams, we must apply the fourth dimensional spirituality to our lives. We must first begin to think positive thoughts such as "I can do it." And then when we carry the dreams in our hearts, believe in changes and miracles, and go forth with creative proclamations from our lips, then God will work to fulfill our dreams.

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