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Pastor Cho's Sermon Outline - Yoido Full Gospel Church - Seoul, Korea
The Lord Says
Psalms 91:14 ~ 91:16


David Livingstone, a missionary to Africa, came back to his homeland of the UK after a long time. He was to receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Glasco. People were startled to see him at the ceremonial hall as he did no longer look handsome and healthy. Rather, he seemed very weak. At the primeval forest of Africa, he lost his consciousness dozens of times from severe fever not to mention getting beaten by a lion. People in the hall were agitated by his saying that he would return to Africa. Then, Livingstone said as follows; "Do not be concerned, I am not alone. I am with the living Lord who has promised to be with me till the end of the earth. God becomes my companion walking along with me through primeval forests and deserts. What shall I fear, then?" God was with Livingstone in a primeval forest teemed with lions. And God is with us right now. Therefore, we should never forget that God is with us regardless of the situation surrounding us.

1. Because he loves me, I will rescue him.

1) Love must be demonstrated - Abraham's love toward God and its proof

2) Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego's love toward God

3) If I love God at ordinary times

① Do not feel ashamed of knowing God in front of people

② Keep Sunday as holy

③ Give a tithe and serve the Lord with materialistic means

4) God who delivers us

① From sins and inequities

② From diseases

③ From curses and poverty

④ From the flames of the Hell

2. Because he acknowledges my name, I will protect him.

1) Our status * (1 Peter 2:9-10)

① A chosen people

② A royal priesthood ③ A holy nation ④ God's special possession - God's own people, the one shown mercy

2) Disciples of Christ held in high esteem in history

3. God who answers

1) God is with us in times of trouble and will honor us.

2) God will satisfy us with long life

We respond differently to our family than to others. People say blood is thicker than water. We Christians have different life as we are with the Holy Spirit. Living water flows and spirit of life blows. Faith without change is false.

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