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Pastor Cho's Sermon Outline - Yoido Full Gospel Church - Seoul, Korea
Your Old Man Will Dream Dreams
Acts 2:14 ~ 2:19


Abraham waited more than ten years by expecting that God will give him a son. However, his prayers were without dreams, and time went by without his prayers being answered. One day, God took him outside, showed him the stars in the sky, and said, "So shall your offspring be." Abraham dreamed of having many descendants by looking at the stars in the sky. He prayed with faith by having dreams and finally got his answer to his prayer.

1. Dream makes the impossible possible
1) Abraham entered the land of Canaan with dreams given by God. (Gen. 12:1)
2) A dream makes the impossible possible. Things that were thought impossible such as traveling in space or exploring the moon became possible because of someone who had dreams. (Mark. 11:24)
3) Not having dreams makes you depressed, listless, and to live a life without purpose. (Prov. 29:18)

2. Moses and the Israelites were dreamers
1) God said that He will bring the Israelites out of Egypt through Moses. Even though it was impossible with human thoughts, Moses chose a dream of getting out of Egypt. (Exod. 3:10)
2) We need to determine "whether we will follow human thoughts or follow dreams." (Deut. 26:8~9)
3) A dream is like a vessel. When we prepare a vessel called a dream, God works. (Ps. 37:4)

3. Dream is the power that drives our lives
1) A dream is the driving force that drives our lives. Just as even good cars cannot move forward without fuel, people cannot move forward without dreams. (Ps. 107:30)
2) People who believe in God must live their lives by having dreams. The Holy Spirit gives us dreams and hopes in our hearts. Through this, He works to bring changes and creation into our lives. (Phil. 2:13)

The third dimension is the physical world, and the fourth dimension is the spiritual world. We became the fourth dimensional existence by believing in Jesus and being born again. We can now freely have fellowship with the Holy Spirit. We work with the Holy Spirit through our thoughts, dreams, faith, and creative mouth confession. Therefore, even if we face difficult situations, we cannot fall in despair or give up. If we continue to move forward without losing dreams in the Lord, the Holy Spirit will work amazing things through those dreams.

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