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  I want to be healed.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))
  I want to be a Christian.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))

Chicago, IL, USA Profile

▶ Conference Date : Sunday, November 13, 2005

▶ Title of Conference : Faith Promise Mission Sunday

▶ Name of Venue : Calvary Church, Naperville

▶ Host Organization : Calvary Church, Naperville (Rev. Randal Ross)

▶ Administrative Organization : DCEM (David Cho Evangelistic Mission)

▶ Church Attendance : Seven thousand

▶ Note :
  • Pastors, lay persons, and young people from Chicago and from all over the
        state of Illinois attended the Faith Promise Mission Sunday services at
        Calvary Church in Naperville, Illinois.

  • Dr. Cho preached on the importance of faith, the guidance of the Holy Spirit,
        prayer, and a Christian's true identity. After hearing the message, the
        congregation was encouraged to live by faith and to make a faith promise to
        support missions.
        Dr. Cho preached from Hebrews 11:1-3.

  • ▶ Dr. Cho´s Schedule :
  • November 12 (Sat) - Dr. Cho preached for a revival service at Full Gospel
    ******************Chicago Church at 3 P.M.

  • November 13 (Sun) - Dr. Cho preached at Calvary Church in Naperville at
    ******************9:30 A.M. and at 10:40 A.M.

    Dr. Cho was the main speaker for the Faith Promise Mission Sunday services at the Calvary Church in Naperville.

    Prior to speaking at Calvary Church, Dr. Cho visited Full Gospel Chicago Church and brought a message of blessing to Korean residents in Chicago. One thousand Christians, including thirty pastors, attended Full Gospel Chicago Church.

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