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  I want to be healed.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))
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 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))

Tokyo Jesus Festival and Enthusiastic Interest in DCEM Ministry.

Dr.Cho is preaching at the Prayer Breakfast hosted by the DCEM Asia Department The Jesus Festival at the Hibiya Civic Auditorium

On 14 October, 3,000 people attended the Jesus Festival at the Hibiya Civic Auditorium to strengthen their faith in the Full Gospel. In the morning, about 800 DCEM support members from all areas of Japan showed their concern for world missions by attending the Prayer Breakfast at the Akasaka Prince Hotel. It was hosted by the DCEM Asia Department.

"May Revival Be in This Land" was the theme of the Jesus Festival. Dr. Cho preached on the topic, "Joy and Contentment." He emphasized, "Churches should be where the river of the Holy Spirit is flowing, just as the biggest cities in the world stand along the banks of rivers. He told the story of the Samaritan woman and proclaimed, "We can receive true joy and contentment only by remaining in Jesus."

People filled Hibiya Civic Auditorium one hour before the festival began. When the chairman of the assembly proclaimed the opening of the Jesus Festival, the Holy Spirit began to touch the atmosphere of the place. The participants poured out their sorrows and ardently sought the Holy Spirit every moment through prayer and praise.

One of the attendees, Rev. Jun-whan No who is a missionary from the Holiness Church told the difficulties in his ministry. He said, "During my 10 years of rural ministry in Japan, I've never been hurt except in recent times. But now I have found comfort and encouragement from Dr. Cho's sermon knowing that the Church should be where the river of the Holy Spirit is flowing.

The Jesus Festival was prepared by Full Gospel Tokyo Church and supported by the DCEM Asia Department. The public was welcome to attend the Jesus Festival even though the program was different than a normal crusade service. In addition to Dr. Cho's sermon, Mrs. Cho played a piano solo and there were cantata performances. The program ran smoothly and was a blessing to everyone.

In the morning, DCEM supporters attended the Prayer Breakfast hosted by the DCEM Asia Department in the Crystal Palace Hall at the Akasaka Prince Hotel. They showed their great concern about the DCEM world missions' ministry.

A staff member from the DCEM Asia Department said, "Many people in Korea wanted to attend this meeting. We are very sorry that more people could not participate in the Jesus Festival because of the small venue."

Rev. Dae-won Jung, senior pastor of Full Gospel Matsudo Church presided at the Prayer Breakfast. Deacon Kyung-june Park, a baritone from Milano, sang a praise song. The highlight was a video introducing the DCEM ministries. During the showing, the attendees cried and laughed, demonstrating their devoted dedication for world missions.

Dr. Cho pointed out, "It is impossible to accomplish world missions without give one's life for world missions." He asked for continuous prayer because "continuous concern and prayer can move the hand of God to help at the moment we face danger."

The Executive Director of DCEM, Elder Shigemasa Shigaki emphasized, "For more effective and successful DCEM evangelistic ministry for world missions, we need more to pray." He expressed his thanks to all the DCEM supporters. At the Prayer Breakfast, the DCEM department expressed their gratitude to each of the 15 churches that support DCEM by presenting them with a commemorative plate, and he asked for their continuous interest and prayer.

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