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Prayers Needs for Honduras

Facts at a Glance

Area : 43, 278 sq km (112,090 sq mi)
Population : 6,560,608 (2002 est.)
Capital : Tegucigalpa (pop 1.5 million)
People : 90% mestizo (mixed Amerindian and European), 7% Amerindian, 2% black, 1% white
Language : Spanish, Amerindian dialects
Religion : 97% Roman Catholic, Protestant minority
President : Ricardo Maduro (2001 year)

Briefing Background

Second largest of the Central American countries, Honduras shares borders with Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador. To the north lies the Caribbean and to the south the Pacific Ocean. Honduras is the most mountainous country in Central America, with most of the land more than a thousand feet above sea level. The large fertile valleys of the northern Caribbean lowlands are cultivated with banana plantations. The country is susceptible to frequent hurricanes and floods along the Caribbean coast.

Honduras gained its independence from Spain in 1821 and separated from the Central American Federation in 1838. After two and one-half decades of mostly military rule by liberal dictators and a series of military leaders who controlled the country for several decades, a freely elected civilian government came to power in 1982. Democratic civilian government since 1984 has been hampered by the power and autonomy of the military and US preoccupation in the 1980s with civil wars in neighboring El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Hurricane Mitch has crippled Honduras. Before Mitch struck in the fall of 1998, the country had enjoyed economic reform, posting strong annual growth numbers. The storm dramatically changed economic forecasts for Honduras and resulted in setting development back by decades. Damages have been estimated at $4 billion, leaving more than 5,000 people dead, 1.5 million displaced, and destroying 70% of the country's crops.

It is estimated that 85% of the people live below the poverty line. Malnutrition is widespread in Honduras. Infant and child mortality rates are high. Especially, the number of orphans in Honduras has increased markedly since Hurricane Mitch hit.

BBC reports that as many as 20,000 children between the ages of 4 and 18 are living on the streets without a home as a result of poverty and natural disaster. Some are shot in the street or taken in cars to be killed and dumped elsewhere. More than a 1300 children and young people have been murdered during the last four years in Honduras, according to a new UN report. The Honduran government has begun to try to solve these matters. The decision follows growing criticism by the activist organization Casa Alianza, which has accused the government of indifference.

Prayer Points

1. Pray that God, a father to the fatherless will protect and deliver 20,000 children on the street that are exploited for sex, are abused and suffering from malnutrition, have life-threatening diseases, and are being murdered without fear of punishment. Pray that the deaths of street children will never occur anymore.

2. Pray that God will send many national and international relief organizations to the street children and the victims from Hurricane Mitch who are without homes and family and feel helpless and need to be comforted and encouraged, so that they benefit from orphanages, counseling, education and job opportunities. Good orphanages and other professionally run homes for children are key to ensuring a stable society in Honduras.

3. Pray for God's grace and compassion upon this country, so that they can recover quickly from the social and economic crisis caused by Hurricane Mitch and from the psychological wounds from military rule, corruption, economic inequality, and crime. Pray for repentance, reconciliation, and a fair society based on respect for human rights.

4. Pray that the leadership of the churches will be multiplied, trained maturely, and be filled with the Holy Spirit so that they will be more effective for His Kingdom in Honduras.

5. Pray for the great spiritual awakening and revival of El Salvador and for all those in authority, that they may live peaceful and quiet lives by finding faith, hope, and love in Jesus Christ.


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