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  I want to be healed.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))
  I want to be a Christian.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))

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1) Have the Fullness-the Baptism of the Holy Spirit 2) Only Jesus Christ Can unchain the sin in Human Beings 3) Jesus Already Carried away Sickness 4) Task Prayer -1 5) Task Prayer -2 6) Clear-cut Objectives -1 7) Clear-cut Objectives -2 8) Speak the Word 9) Positive Thinking 10) The Sin of Hatred 11) Dr. Cho's Story About a Korean Fisherman 12) My Son! Go home 13) A Short Leg is Healed 14) On the Cross How He Suffered

God has surely listened and heard my voice in prayer. (Psalms 66 : 19)

I had been in the ministry for quite a few months and was so poverty-stricken that as far as material things were concerned, I had nothing. I was not married and I was living in a small rented room. I had no desk, no chair and no bed. I was eating on the floor, sleeping on the floor and studying on the floor, walking miles and miles everywhere to do soul winning. But one day while reading my Bible, I was tremendously impressed by God's promises. The Bible said that if I would just put my faith in Jesus, praying in His name, I would receive anything I asked for. The Bible also taught me that I was a son of God, a child of the King of kings, and the Lord of lords!

So I said, "Father, why should a child of the King of kings and the Lord of lords live without a desk, chair and bed and also walk mile after mile every day? At least I should have a humble desk and a chair to sit on and a humble bicycle to ride on to do my home visitation." I felt that according to the Scripture, I could ask for these kinds of things from the Lord. I knelt down and prayed, "Father, now I am praying. Please send me a desk, a chair and a bicycle." I believed and praised God for the things I had asked for.

From that moment I waited for the delivery of each thing I had prayed for. A month passed with no answer. Then two months, three, four, five, and six and I was still waiting. Nothing happened. Then one rainy day I was really depressed. Not having any food that evening, I was so hungry and tired that I started complaining, "Lord, I asked you to supply me with a desk, a chair and a bicycle several months ago but I have not received any of those things. You know that I am preaching the gospel to the poverty-stricken people of this slum area. How can I ask them to exercise faith when I cannot even practice it myself? How can I ask them to put their faith in the Lord and truly live by the Word and not by bread alone? My Father, I am very discouraged. I am not sure about this, but I do know I cannot deny Your Word. The Word must stand. And I am sure that you are going to answer me, but this time I'm just not sure when or how. If you are going to answer my prayer after my death, what kind of profit will that have for me? If you are ever going to answer my prayer, please speed it up. Please!"

Then I sat down and began to cry. Suddenly, I felt serenity and a feeling of tranquility come into my soul. Whenever I have that kind of feeling, a sense of the presence of God, He always speaks to my spirit so I waited. Then that still small voice welled up in my soul and the Spirit said, "My son, I heard your prayer a long time ago." Right away I blurted out, "Then where are my desk, chair and bicycle?" Then the Spirit said, "You and all of my children beg me, demanding every kind of request but ask in vague terms and that is why I do not answer. Don't you know that there are dozens of kinds of desks, chairs and bicycles? You simply asked for a desk, a chair and a bicycle. You did not ask for a specific desk, a specific chair and a specific bicycle."

That was one turning point in my life. No professor in the Bible college ever taught me along these lines. I had made a mistake but it was an eye opener for me. Then I said, "Lord, do you really want me to pray in definite terms?" This time the Lord led me to turn to Hebrews the eleventh chapter, "Faith is the substance of things (clear - cut things) hoped for." I knelt down to pray again, "Father, I am sorry. I made a great mistake. I misunderstood you. I cancel all my past prayers. I'll start all over again."

This time I gave Him the size of the desk that I would like and that it was to be made of Philippine mahogany. I wanted the best kind of chair, one made with an iron frame with rollers on the tips so that when I sat on it I could push myself around like a big shot. Then I came to the bicycle and I really gave much consideration to the matter because there were so many kinds of bicycles: Korean, Japanese, Formosan and German. In those days, bicycles made in Korea or Japan were quite flimsy. I wanted to have a very strong sturdy bicycle, and since any machine made in the United States was the best I said, "Father, I want to have a bicycle made in the United States with gears on the side so that I can even regulate the speed." I ordered these things in such articulate terms that God could not possibly make a mistake in delivering them. Then I felt faith flowing up and out of my heart. I was rejoicing in the Lord and that night I slept like a baby.

When I awoke at 4:30 a.m. to prepare for the early morning prayer meeting, I suddenly found that my heart was empty. The evening before, I had all the faith in the world, but while I slept it seemed that faith took wings and left me. I could not feel anything in my heart. I said, "Father, this is terrible. It is one thing to have faith but it is entirely different to keep that faith untill I receive your answer." This is a problem that is common to all Christians. They hear a special guest preacher and they are filled with faith while he is ministering to them but before they reach their homes, they have lost it all. It seems like their faith took wings and fled, too.

That morning while I was reading my Bible looking for a particular scripture to speak on during early morning prayer meeting, suddenly my eyes fell on Romans 4:17, "God quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were." My heart fastened itself to that scripture and the truth began to stir my heart. I said to myself, "I might as well just call those things which are not as if they were, as if I already had them." I had received the answer to the problem of how to keep one's faith!

I rushed out to our tent church where the people had already begun praying, and after a few songs I started preaching. I expounded upon that scripture and then said, "Folks, by the blessings of God, I have a desk made of Philippine mahogany, a beautiful chair with an iron frame and rollers on the tips, and a bicycle made in the United States that has gears on the side. Praise God, I've received all these things!" The people just gasped because they knew that I was absolutely poverty-stricken. I was bragging about these things and they could not believe their ears. By faith, I was really praising God, doing just as the Word of God told me to do.

After the service, as I walked out three young fellows followed me and said, "Pastor, we want to see those things." I was taken aback and became frightened. I had not counted on having to show any of those things. These people were living in a slum area and once they knew I had lied, it would be my last time to minister there. They would never come back. I was in a terrible situation so I began to pray to the Lord, "Lord, from the beginning this wasn't my idea. It was your idea for me to tell it like that. I just obeyed you, and now I'm in a terrible situation. I spoke as if I have those things and now how can I explain this? You've always got to help me!" Then the Lord came and helped me with an idea. I said, "You come to my room and see." They all came and they looked around to see the desk, chair and bicycle. I said, "Don't look around. I'll show you later."

I pointed my finger at Mr. Park, who is now a pastor of one of the largest Assemblies of God churches in Korea and said, "I'll ask you a few questions. If you answer them, I'll show you all of those things. How long were you in your mother's womb before you were born?" He scratched his head and said, "Well, nine months." Then I asked again, "What were you doing for nine months in your mother's womb?" "Oh, I was growing." "But," I continued, "No one saw you." "No one could see me because I was inside my mother."

Then I added, "You were as much a baby inside your mother's womb as you were when you were born into the world. You gave me the right answer. Last evening, I knelt down right here and prayed for that desk, chair and bicycle and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I conceived them. It is as if they are inside of me growing right now. And they are as much a desk, a chair and a bicycle as they will be when they are seen by people at the time of their delivery."

They started laughing and laughing. They said, "This is the first time we've ever seen a man pregnant with a desk, a chair and a bicycle." Then rushing out of my room they began to spread the rumor all over town that the minister was pregnant with a desk, a chair and a bicycle. I could hardly walk through town without women gathering to look at me and giggle. Mischievous youngsters would come to me on Sunday, touch my stomach and say, "Pastor, look how big you are becoming!"

During those days, I knew every one of those things were growing in me. Just as it takes time for a mother to give birth to a child, it takes time for clear-cut objectives to come into reality. I continued to praise the Lord every day for the things I had asked for and sure enough when God's time came, I had every one of those things. I had exactly what I had asked for - a desk made out of Philippine mahogany, a chair made by the Japanese Mitsubishi Company with rollers on the tips so that I could roll around when I sat on it, and a slightly used bicycle with gears on the side from a missionary's son. I brought the desk, chair and bicycle home and my entire prayer life changed. God had taught me a tremendous truth!

Until this experience I had always prayed in vague terms, but from that time until today I never prayed in vague terms any more. If God ever answered vague prayers you would never recognize the vague prayer had been answered. For this reason the Word of God specifically states, "What things (be specific...) soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them"(Mark 11:24). You must ask definitely and specifically.

When the son of Timaeus, the blind Bartimaeus, came running after Jesus Christ he cried, "Oh thou Son of David, be merciful to me." Although everybody knew that Bartimaeus was asking for the healing of his blindness, Christ asked, "What do you want me to do for you?" Christ wanted specific requests. Bartimaeus said, "Sir, I want to see." Jesus replied, "It shall be done unto you as you believe," and Bartimaeus' eyes were opened! Christ did not pronounce healing before Bartimaeus specifically asked for healing. When you bring your request to the Lord, come with a specific request, a definite objective, a clear-cut goal that you desire to see accomplished.

1) Have the Fullness-the Baptism of the Holy Spirit 2) Only Jesus Christ Can unchain the sin in Human Beings 3) Jesus Already Carried away Sickness 4) Task Prayer -1 5) Task Prayer -2 6) Clear-cut Objectives -1 7) Clear-cut Objectives -2 8) Speak the Word 9) Positive Thinking 10) The Sin of Hatred 11) Dr. Cho's Story About a Korean Fisherman 12) My Son! Go home 13) A Short Leg is Healed 14) On the Cross How He Suffered

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