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  I want to be healed.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))
  I want to be a Christian.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))

Portland, Oregon Meeting Profile
(Including Monterey and Los Angeles, California)

<Portland, Oregon>

Name of Meeting: '2003 Northwest Intercessor's Conference'

Meeting Dates: 2003/March/13~14(Thu~Fri), (Conference B)

Name of Venue: City Bible Church

Host Organization: City Bible Church
Senior pastors - Rev. Frank and Sharon Damazio

Conference Attendance: 8,000 attended for two nights
* The theme was "Seeing Visions, Expecting Miracles, Fulfilling Dreams."
* It was held as training for spiritual warfare that is happening in world missions and for the revival of world Christianity.

Dr. Cho's Conference Schedule:
* March 13 (Thu) : 11:00 -12:30(Opening Session in Conference B)
"Task Prayer"
* March 14 (Fri) : 19:00-22:00(Evening Session)
"Tabernacle Prayer"

<Monterey, California>

Name of Meeting: The 28th Full Gospel World Mission, Inc. Annual Business Meeting

Meeting Date: 2003/March/11(Tue)

Name of Venue: Double Tree Hotel Conference Room

Host Organization: North America Council of the Full Gospel World Mission, Inc.

Attendance: 400 people
* Korean missionaries from Yoido Full Gospel Church who are working in the United States and in Canada

Dr. Cho's Meeting Schedule:
* March 11(Tue) : 7:00~9:00

Name of Crusade: Monterey Revival Evangelistic Meeting

Crusade Date: 2003/March/11(Tue)

Name of Venue: Monterey Full Gospel Church

Host Organization: Monterey Full Gospel Church
Senior Pastor - Rev. Young Chan Park

Crusade Attendance: 1,600 people

Crusade Schedule
* March 11(Tue) : 19:00~21:00 p.m.

<Los Angeles, California>

Name of Crusade
: Revival Meeting for Healing & Blessing
(Full Gospel L.A. Church Crusade for Korean Immigrants)

Crusade Date: 2003/March/16(Sun)

Name of venue: Full Gospel L.A. Church

Host Organization: L.A. Full Gospel Church
Senior Pastor - Rev. Tae Keun Lee

Crusade Attendance: 2,000 people

Dr. Cho's Crusade Schedule:
* March 16(Sun) : 10:00

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