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  I want to be healed.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))
  I want to be a Christian.
 Dr. Cho's Prayer)))

  Jesus is the answer!
- The three day Miracle Crusade and Church Growth Conference (28-31 August) -

The second series of the African crusades was held in Accra, Ghana (28-31 August) after the Cote d'Ivoire crusade. The three day Miracle Crusade and Church Growth Conference was under the sponsorship of DCEM (David Cho Evangelistic Mission) and under the management of NACCC (National Association of Charismatic and Christian Churches).

Around 100,000 people attended the crusade and many experienced divine healing. The crusade began at 6 p.m., but many suffering from polio and people in wheelchairs came early. Many of them accepted Jesus as their personal Savior after listening to Dr. Cho's sermon and were blessed to experience divine healing and praised God.
Dr. Cho preached, "If you accept Jesus as your personal Savior and discover your new identity in Jesus, you will overcome whatever may happen." He gave an example of how Korea conquered hardships. After the Korean War, Korea faced difficult situations, like Ghana, and he emphasized, "Jesus is the answer. Only Jesus Christ can help you. The only way to get over all difficulties is to believe in Him and trust Him."

People praised God after listening to Dr. Cho's testimony about the blessings of God he experienced in his 44-year pastoral life. People were crying and laughing during the sermon.
The population of Accra, the capital city of Ghana, is approximately 3,000,000 and 40% of the population is Christian. One church leader said that recently the Pentecostal churches were leading the growth of Christianity.

Before the crusade on August 29, President John Agyekym Kufuor invited Dr. Cho to his office. President Kufuor welcomed Dr. Cho to Ghana and thanked him for his positive and hopeful messages. Dr. Cho was impressed by the passion of Ghanaians for God and said he would pray and be continuously concerned for Ghana.
Dr. Cho preached for the dedication service of Tema Full Gospel Church (Pastor Seo) near Accra. His challenge to Tema Full Gospel Church was to be an advanced base for world missions by helping the Fivefold Gospel and the Threefold Blessing to take root in Ghana.

During Dr. Cho's visit in Ghana, a volunteer medical team from the Medical Missionary Association of Yoido Full Gospel Church (Elder Lim) went to Tema, Ghana. The medical team examined and treated around 600 patients on 28 August and around 400 patients on 29 August. They also donated medicine.

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